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Outro. Dezembro 19, 2009

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Prometo parar, ou não.

Bold what is true:

1. I love bolding surveys.
2. I am sick of the bold survey where the third question is “I love olives.”
3. A Walk to Remember is my favorite movie of all time.
4. I wear black more than any other color, but I am not gothic.
5. I genuinely care for my friends.
6. I don’t trust people easily thanks to past experiences.

7. Romance novels fascinate me.
8. I am female.
9. I do not wear glasses, but I probably should.
10. Switchfoot is an amazing band.
11. I have never seen the movie “Phantom of the Opera”.
12. Emotionally, it is easy to hurt me.
13. I have never been in a fist fight.
14. I did not attend preschool as a child.
15. I have an older brother.
16. I am an aunt (or uncle).
17. I am too organized…yet extremely messy
18. My shoulders are always hot, but my feet are always cold.
19. I realize bold surveys are hard to make up yourself.
20. This is not the first survey I have ever taken.
21. I am interested in taking psychology classes.
22. I am interested in taking creative writing classes.
23. I hope to publish a book some day.
24. I think men are sexy.
25. I refuse to use any other brand of tissue, besides Kleenex.
26. Duct tape annoys me more than it amuses me.
27. Easter used to be my favorite holiday.
28. My lips are chapped at this moment.
29. I was completely terrified of the monster under my bed as a child.
30. I have a boyfriend.
31. My birthday is in February.
32. I don’t have a job, but I want one and need one.
33. I decide I want to take a survey only if I see a certain question that I’d like to answer.

34. I am a sophomore in high school.
35. I have never left this country.
36. I like Winter Break more than Spring Break.
37. I LOVE to sleep in.
38. The word “fluffy” makes me laugh.
39. I have cried within the last 24 hours.
40. My fingertips are freezing cold.
41. I have already eaten dinner.
42. Normally I don’t eat breakfast.
43. If I eat more than 2 marshmallows in one sitting, I feel sick.
44. I will never drink alcohol.
45. I will never smoke cigarettes.
46. I will never do drugs.
47. I really don’t like country music.
48. I have a cat.
49. I have thrown up from crying too much before.
50. I don’t intend to ever eat sushi. Gross.
51. When I was little, I was a very big cheater.
52. I’m overweight, but I’m trying to lose it.
53. I always look at peoples away messages.
54. I crack my knuckles often.
55. I’m not in any sports.

56. I play the acoustic guitar, and I love it.
57. I have only been to 2 concerts before in my life.
58. I’ve only kissed one person unrelated to me, so far.
59. I used to want to be am a vegetarian.
60. Now I want to be a writer.

61. Or a graphic designer…
62. I get along better with guys.
63. I used to like Pokemon. I still remember the names.
64. I am mostly French heritage.
65. I believe in God and have faith in Him.
66. Lip rings are arousing.
67. I love and get along with my cousins.
68. I had a pet turtle one summer.
69. I get excited about getting new underwear.
70. I need a boost in my self-esteem.
71. I’ve thought about suicide.

72. It frustrates me when people use double negatives.
73. I love receiving mail and e-mail.
74. I’ve had a penpal before.
75. I can’t sleep on my back. I just can’t.
76. I hate public bathrooms.
77. I listen to my parents; it’s just that sometimes I really don’t care.

78. Once in my life, I named a pigeon.
79. I laugh when I watch old home videos.
80. I used to be obsessed with the Spice Girls.
81. I once started a fire in my microwave.
82. I wish on Tootsie Roll Pop wrappers.
83. I really like the name Mathias.
84. I often fake my happiness for the benefit of others.
85. …And so I don’t have to explain everything that’s bothering me…
86. I keep a diary online and a diary on paper.
87. I love reading. It takes me away from reality.
88. I have an odd sense of humor that not many people understand.
89. I don’t like getting my picture taken by others.
90. I am a very huge procrastinator… with EVERYTHING.

91. The OC is my favorite TV show ever.
92. I’m afraid that my friends are gonna isolate me again.
93. I’m glad this survey is almost over.
94. I am in the mood to take a shower.

95. I feel like crying when I look at old pictures.
96. I have a very busy day tomorrow.
97. I am in the mood to kiss somebody.

98. I might be in love with my best friend…
99. I have my own key for the house/apartment I live in.
100. I love the color neon green when it’s mixed with black.


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  1. Benahia Says:

    Ei paula tudo bom? Coloquei lá no blog os contatos do brechó, só não falei o endereço porque como é na casa do dono, fico com medo de deixar o endereço lá pra todo mundo ver. Mas é em Itaparica. E o telefone e email eu respondi lá nos comentários.

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