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Brandon Boys saves the day, maisum(a) vez. Julho 15, 2009

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“My name is Brandon Boyd. I am a Los Angeles native, a Vegan sympathizer, an artist by day and come nightfall I sing in a band called Incubus. I am suspicious of religion, advertising and know-it-alls. My teeth will one day fall out from overconsumption of licorice. My closest friend on the Earth is a dog from France. I sleep diagonally until I have company, then I sleep lengthwise. I am straight, yet I adore sparkling mineral water. I have a bionic right leg as a result of a freak gardening accident. My right eye goes lazy after about 3am. If you feed me after midnight, I multiply. My name, when translated literally, means ‘Broom-Hill’ which I find horrifyingly exotic. I live in an old building that at one point in the 1900’s was a working brothel. As a result, the ghosts of under paid and over worked prostitutes roam my hallways. So, there is a lingering smell of cheap perfume on the second story of my home after 3am, which might explain my occasional lazy eye. I am allergic to milk and as a result have never had an ice cream party. You may have just heard the sounds of very small violins playing behind that last comment, but don’t feel bad for me; I have sorbet parties at every Equinox and spend about half a day thereafter happily cleaning the ‘sticky’ out of my fingernails. My right knee is named Chet and my left is Garrison. Everything I wear once belonged to someone else with the specific exception of socks and underpants.”

(via a Cegueira.)

Não tem como não adorar incubus com um front-man desse porte. Dos meu favoritos, me faz vibrar!


7 Responses to “Brandon Boys saves the day, maisum(a) vez.”

  1. manoellamariano Says:

    É, se vier pra cima de mim com esse papinho… =} nhoin

  2. karen Says:

    vc parou de me seguir? =(

  3. judadalto Says:


  4. Ana Carolina Says:

    Adoro Incubus e realmente, o frontman é o máximo. :D

  5. lettuce Says:

    fui no show do incubus em 2007, choray e tudo mais. o cara é incrível e não sabia q ele tinha um perna biônica. ou é caô? aimmm. que coisa.

  6. deco Says:

    brndon, brandon, brandon… how can one single person being so cool, i mean hot, i mean…

  7. sarah Says:

    brandon boyd is the man!! :)

    nem vale a pena dizer mais nada!!

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